“Another World” is based on Depeche Mode music and Haruki Murakami novel „Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World“

DIRECTOR/CHOREOGRAPHER: Marija Simona Šimulynaitė
VIDEO INSTALLATION: Rimas Sakalauskas, Saulius Paliukas
COMPOSER: Rita Mačiliūnaitė
DANCERS:  Kristina Tarasevičiūtė, Žilvinas Beniuševičius, Igoris Zaripovas, Evelina Fokina, Audronė Stelionė, Vesta Gineitytė, Pijus Ožalas, Danielius Voinovas, Ben Davis, Eimantė Šeškutė, Simonas Laukaitis.

DURATION: Small show – 1 act. (59 min) / Big show – 2 acts (95 min). 1 break (20 min).

The performance is composed of different movements each of which is inspired by symbols, philosophy, visuals and, of course, energetic music. The sound evokes the movement, and all of this transports us to the world of dreams, lights, lasers and visual projections. Dancers become androgynous mechanical creatures diving into the space of mutant dreams and synthetic feelings. The characters portray unknown mines of our subconscious and project the path which we all choose without even realising. The futuristic performance exhibits a surreal world where there is no more space for natural feelings nor an acceptance of reality. People communicate, laugh, express their anger and even reproduce themselves not because they want to but because they have to do so. It is a world where there are no more true male-female relations – everybody looks alike and prefers hiding behind masks and faking emotions in order to avoid being hurt. In such a situation as this, we can only dream of a real, natural and free state. As the words of the Depeche Mode say, “Dream On… Dream On…”

The entire dance performance is like a constantly disinfected and sterile incubator, where people, their psyche, needs, and emotions are controlled by the invisible and governing “hand of the system”. Individual needs and desires are irradiated and destroyed by chemotherapy lamps. The alarm immediately goes on if there is just a slight search for naturalness, and the feeling is destroyed. It is a laboratory of mind-numbing, where we are the biochemists.

In 2012 performance “Another World” was awarded by digital creative industries “PixelAWARDS” for the best projects, products, and solutions that involved the synthesis of digital technologies and creativeness in their development process.

ICT 2013 – Create, Connect, Grow, in Vilnius on the 6-8 of November, 2013 performance “Another World” to music of Depeche Mode for participants of the conference. The client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, the event was for the LT presidency in the EU Council.