Karl and Flowers

Choreography, libretto – Marija Simona Šimulynaitė
Ballet soloists – Evelina Fokina, Pijus Ožalas, Olga Konošenko
Music – Patrick Doyle
Costumes – Erlandas Smolskas
Video projections – Agne Danieliute
Sound ingineer – Simon Gimelstein
Light Designer – Mantas Bartusevičius

Once a small grey sapling grew, ugly, modest, sad, everyone called her Taja. Nearby, there flourished a wonderful pink flower – Flora, which everyone loved, cared for, adored, and exalted, unlike the grey Taja. Flora did not like the grey sapling Taja growing beside her, sometimes even overshadowed her, not wanting the grey backgrounds to stifle her own beauty… The caretaker of all the flowers was a magician, gardener Karl. Karl was very jolly, loved by all the children and flowers. However, one day Karl noticed that Taja was struggling very hard, that she was not liked by anyone, and decided to release her with magical dust. Soon, Taja began to grow, flourish, and become as beautiful as Flora. At first, Flora was happy to have a good friend, but realizing that this was the dreadful Taja, she decided to poison her…

Happy Taja danced with Karl, the wind, and the sun’s rays, finally becoming as happy as everyone else. However, Flora’s anger and jealousy caused a storm. Her thoughts about getting rid of the poor Taja reached the gardener, Karl, and he understood everything. Then he started serious magic spells to reconcile his beloved garden flowers and ensure that children would never be afraid to return to his garden. Will he succeed? You will see it in the ballet finale!

It is beautiful, bright, positive, and flower-scented ballet for children, with dynamic video installations and indescribable beauty of music.


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