Chamber ballet for children CANDY FAIRIES

Director choreographer, author of the idea – Marija Simona Šimulynaitė
Music – Nino Rota
Costume designer – Antanas Gudynas, Marija Simona Šimulynaitė
Author of video projections – Vytautas Narbutas
Lighting designer – Mantas Brtusevicius
Dancers – Evelina Fokina, Audronė Stelionė, Kristina Tarasevičiūtė (Agnė Steponkevičiūtė)

Lighthearted ballet for children – CANDY FAIRIES
During the performance, children will see a story about three candy fairies – Caramel, Chocolate and Sugar, who always flew on a big cotton candy cloud, were the best of friends and enjoyed each other’s sweets. However, once Chocolate started to turn into hot chocolate, which made a hole in the cotton candy cloud, and the beauty fell to the ground, where children immediately fell in love with her – after all, chocolate is one of the most delicious treats. Then the remaining two fairies began to envy Chocolate and descended to the ground, where they quarreled over which one of them the children loved more. Suddenly, the wind of their anger blew the cotton candy cloud away and they all fell to the ground. The fairies had nothing left but to ask the children which of their sweets were the most delicious? Of course, the friendship of the fairies won. After all, children love everything: both chocolate and caramel, and sugar candies.

The inspiration for the performance was the motif of the “Sweets Fairies” tale, the librettist of which, choreographer Marija Simona Šimulynaitė, sought to awaken the imagination of young viewers through their taste receptors. The visualizations of video projections, their close connection with the narrative, and the movement motif performed by the ballerinas, expressed gracefully and artistically in the language of professional ballet, draw even the young viewers into the action. The specially adapted music by Nino Rota (from the soundtracks of Fellini’s films) is particularly expressive and poignant with emotion. The project creates a friendly environment for children, using environmentally friendly luminescent costume details and sensitive sound effects, all of which enhance the emotional impression for the young viewers.

The performance is intended for audiences from 2 years old to any age limit.

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