“Aqua Corpo”

Aqua Corpo

The ballet and fountain show “Aqua Corpo,” which originated from the Baltic Ballet Theater (BBT) in Lithuania and involved collaboration with fountain engineers and creators from Latvia. The audience will witness real fountains on stage, complemented by the performances of BBT ballet dancers, accompanied by classical compositions from renowned composers such as Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Handel, Masne, and others.

The synchronized fountains will harmonize with the ballet, lights, and music. The impressive stage design will emphasize the central theme of the show – the connection between humans and nature, conveyed through the primary elements of air, water, fire, and earth.

The project aims to underscore the notion that our planet is under threat from various circumstances, urging us to take action. The show intends to emphasize that humans are part of nature, natural, pure, and real. The Earth faces challenges like fires, droughts, pollution, and numerous catastrophes.
Through this production, the creators seek to unite cohesive and impressive beauty, a synthesis of light, fountains, and ballet, rather than delving into intricate tragedies or depressions.

The stage will be dominated by elemental entities: air, where ballet dancers will appear light as supernatural beings soaring above the earth; fire, symbolizing warmth and passion, heating us with love rather than destruction, effectively portrayed through lighting; water, an expression of life, energy, and forcefulness, maintaining balance and preventing the fire from crossing safety boundaries, portrayed by real water implementing specially designed musical choreography for the fountains; and earth, representing stability, essence, roots – without which the beauty of human movement wouldn’t exist.
Other nurturing values requiring support, stability, and harmony.

The combination of these four elements on stage accents not tragedy, but the positive expression of beauty and bright emotions. The creators convey an optical expression of the most positive classical music, momentarily lulling us into tranquility, but later, awakening from this dream, reminding us of the threats that walk beside us. We must respect, cherish, and protect what Mother Nature bestows upon us.

Creative Team:
Director choreographer – Marija Simona Šimulynaitė (Lithuania)
Fountain engineer – Janis Elsts (Latvia)
Costume designers – Erlanads Smolskas
Lighting design – Mantas Bartusevičius
Baltic Ballet Theater (BBT) dancers – Evelina Marija Fokina, Agnė Steponkevičiūtė, Kipras Chlebinskas, Audronė Stelionė, Danielius Voinovas.

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